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hello doctor i had removed my 4 wisdom teeth on 18th august 2016 after the removal my left side toung became completely numb i can''t even taste anything it even became more sensitive of heat !! like i cant drink a hot cup of tea without worrying it hurts at the bottom of my left toung my doctor told me that it will get better in 6 month but it''s been more than 4 months and i don''t feel any better my mom asked a doctor that said something about cortisone injection but i dont know anything about it *can you please give me more details about it* can you please tell me what are the new treatment for cases like mine ? or any thing can help me. thank you very much.

Numbness following removal of wisdom teeth is one of the associated risks that can take a prolonged ...

Three weeks ago i had an implant placed in my mouth on tooth #30 on the right side of my lower jaw. Unfortunaltely my dentist drilled to far with the implant prep drill and nicked the inferior alveolar nerve. I felt a electric shock sensation when this happened and he immedialtey back it off. He then proceeded to extract tooth #31. The roots of that tooth were very close to the nerve canal but he feels the injury occurred with the implant drill. I now have altered sensation and numbness on my lower lip, chin as well as gums and teeth. My dentist informed me that nerves heal slow and this might take weeks months or even a year. He cant even guarantee ill ever get feeling back. The tightness in my lower right teeth is the hardest thing to deal with right now. I feel a lot of pressure and tightness there. Ibuprofen is helping somewhat. > > My current dilemma is trying to decide whether or not to remove the existing implant that he was then able to install. We confirmed the next day by 3d Cone Beam scan that the implant he installed is not violating the nerve canal so his recommendation was to leave it in. I would rather leave it in and not risk causing more damage to an already injured nerve. The confusing part is when i got a second opinion from a different dentist he advised me to take the implant out. He did not even want to see any imaging or film. My question is if its not violating the nerve canal what is the harm in leaving it in? He acknowledge that there is no physical impingement to the nerve from the implant but wont elaborate further about why to remove it. I just don''t know whether to leave it in or take it out. Is it possible that the tightness i fell in my teeth is a result of the implant or the initial nerve damage itself? I just want to make sure i do the right thing and give myself the best opportunity to heal. Its been a real challenge coping with this. I''m having a hard time finding someone with expertise with this type of injury. Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated. > Thank you > Mike Perkin

Thanks for your inquiry regarding your recent implant experience. I do apologize for the trouble you...

I would like to know if someone could help me with a diagnosis of my dental problem, my gums are split my my moler tooth after wisdom teeth removal and it really feels off..

It is not at all unusual to have a gap in the gum tissue in the area of wisdom tooth removal. That g...